Couples Counseling-We were born to bond and we all want to be valued. We have great memories of falling in love- the passion and the excitement of getting to know each other. Over time, disappointments, arguments and resentments build and our feelings about our partner change. You may feel misunderstood, unloved, or judged. You and your partner may frequently end up on the hamster wheel of arguing and fighting, rather than disagreeing and problem solving. Maybe your busy lives and stress levels leave little time or desire for romance and intimacy. The communication and trust break down and you feel distant, alone. In couples counseling we will learn how to reconnect, to foster compassion, forgiveness and allow understanding to grow. We will build positive, clear communication and develop intimacy for a love that's able to weather the storms of life and is deeper, more fulfilling than the early thrills of a new romance. 

Individual Counseling - Life Coaching

Feeling stressed and stuck? Trying to be everything to everyone and have nothing left at the end of the day? Having trouble meeting goals, focusing?

Imposter Syndrome? Are anxious or depressive thoughts keeping you awake at night and distracted during the day? Let's create an action plan so that you think and feel differently starting NOW!  

Family Counseling - Parenting - Behavioral Challenges

Modern families come in many shapes and sizes but require the same components to thrive: structure, boundaries, communication and love. Family counseling involves each member of the family working together to solve problems. We will work together to reduce conflict, identify strengths, do more of what works, and learn new ways to connect and communicate.